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Gain 10 Years
of Expertise with
Samir Jezzini

Gain 10 Years of Expertise with Samir Jezzini

By joining, you will gain 10 years of experience in a couple months, by getting a personalized mentorship with samir jezzini
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Here is Our Programme in Depth

Welcome to Our Comprehensive Trading Course
Our program is designed to take you through every aspect of trading, ensuring you’re well-equipped for success. Here’s what you can expect:

Expert Support

Need help or have questions? Our academy support team is here for you. Every promotion will have there own support team. They quickly answer your questions and guide you through your learning.

Exclusive Trading Community

Connect with fellow traders, learn from them, share experiences, and learn together. It’s a space for support, growth, and sharing success.

Recorded Sessions and Unlimited Access

Watch and rewatch lessons at your convenience to fully grasp every concept. Plus, with unlimited access, you can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

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Technical Analysis Overview

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Technical Analysis

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Fundamental Analysis

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Risk Management and Trading Psychology

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Advanced Technical Analysis

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Advanced Risk Management and Strategy Development

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Putting It All Together

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Samir Jezzini trading Model

Samir's Journey From Humble Beginnings to Trading Mastery

Samir's story is one of true grit and determination.

Born in a tough neighborhood in South Lebanon, he faced many challenges early in life. His academic journey began with accounting, sparking his interest in finance. But Samir's heart was drawn to the creative world of Art and Architecture, balancing his studies with a successful side hustle in fitness and nutrition.

This was just the beginning of Samir's entrepreneurial path...

With over 10 years of experience, he mastered trading and investment strategies, helping thousands to understand and succeed in the complex world of financial markets.

Supreme FX - 1% Leage Academy

One of his greatest achievement is founding Supreme FX, an online trading platform that makes learning and succeeding in trading accessible to everyone. And NOW, Samir has broken down the barriers, making the once-complex world of trading easy to understand and profitable with the launch of 1% league academy.


By enrolling today, you secure a one-year access to all our programs and coaching at 1% League Academy. It’s more than just learning; it’s your entry into a world of financial success and elite trading knowledge.

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Course Packages

Self-Paced Pro

Saved Video Course Package

Features pre-recorded lessons for self-paced learning. Dive into trading at your own speed with comprehensive, easy-to-follow video courses.

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Interactive Expert

Live Classes Package

Includes interactive sessions on Zoom, enhancing your learning with REAL-TIME engagement where you will be able to ask questions and interact with the mentor and other students.

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Welcome to the One Percent League Academy!🙏

Please follow these steps to complete your registration & REMEMBER, if you need any kind of support or you have any questions on mind, please contact us at or whatsapp under +971 52 234 0784.

Step one : Choose your payment method

Step two : Fill your information & receive the confirmation with all the instructions per mail

We offer you the possibility to pay via credit/debit cards or even safely, swiftly & securely with USDT

Personal Mastery

One-to-One Coaching Package

Offers personalized one to one training and mentorship with DIRECT coaching from Samir jezzini himself and his 10+ years experience ( the quickest and most effective method to become an expert profitable trader )

Self-Paced Pro

Saved Video Course Package

Features pre-recorded lessons for self-paced learning. Dive into trading at your own speed with comprehensive, easy-to-follow video courses.

Special Offer Price:
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